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Why Finish Your Basement?

If you have an unfinished basement at the moment, just the thought of a renovation is probably overwhelming. The cold floors, the dim lighting, all the holiday decor you’re storing down there- where would you even start? However, if you’ve been finding yourself in need of extra space, or just want another room for your family to spread out in, there is great untapped potential in that space beneath your home. In addition, there’s other benefits of putting some time and energy into making your basement a brighter place. Here’s a few reasons why renovating your basement will vastly improve your family’s home life.

A little extra protection for your home!

If you can only pull one suggestion from this list, we recommend waterproofing and insulating your basement walls if they aren’t already. You never know when water from a bad storm may unfortunately seep into your basement, and we know you hate thinking of the heating bill when you crank up the thermostat during a blizzard. Giving the walls of your basement a little attention will go a long way in preventing water damage, and keeping your house the perfect temperature without adding on to your heating or cooling bill.

Warm it up!

You don’t have to think “cold and dim” when your basement pops into your mind. There’s easy ways to lighten it up a bit and make it feel far more welcoming. Installing some warmer lights always adds a cozier feeling to a room. Either replace the bulbs in the lights you have already, or get a table or floor lamp to use instead. Another great way to make your basement a bit more inviting is to paint the walls a light, warm color. Creamy colors or light browns are great choices in creating a cozier space you don’t mind having to go down to!

Add some storage!

If your basement is currently full of boxes and bins of stuff you have nowhere else to put, organize them a bit by adding in some extra storage space. You can install adjustable shelving on the walls so that everything is off the floor yet easily accessible, or get creative repurposing old cabinets or lockers to hold your things. A basement is a great place to keep the stuff you don’t need all the time, and going that extra mile with organization will mean you won’t dread having to trek downstairs to dig through boxes, looking for that one thing you suddenly realized you need.

Make it a place to gather!

If you decide you want to go all the way in finishing your basement, you’ll have a beautiful new space that your family will not want to leave. You can remodel it to accommodate guests and add a bedroom, full bathroom, and even a kitchen space; or, you could go an alternate route and turn it into a lounge space for winding down at the end of the week, adding a comfy sofa and a bar that will make your house the place to be for friend and family gatherings. If any of this has piqued your interest, check out our portfolio of basement renovations for a little more inspiration, or have fun going through pictures online!

If you’ve been on the fence about finishing your basement, we hope these points have provided some clarity! Your basement is a fantastic space with loads of potential to not only make your house itself a little bit better, but also bring your family together. Whether you take it easy and paint your walls, find an organization method that works best for you, or go all out to have the finished basement of your dreams, we hope your basement renovation brings a light to your home you didn’t even know you needed. We at Cedar Mill Group are here to help however possible: feel free to contact us with questions, or go through the rest of our website for more home renovation ideas!


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