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Things To Expect When You’re Expecting… a Home Remodel!

It is easy to get comfortable with your daily routines and take your home for granted. So when it comes time to update aspects of your home, it can be difficult to commit to remodeling, or to adjust to all the moving parts and people the remodel requires. But things can run smoothly if you plan ahead! So if it is time for an update, here are some things to anticipate so you are prepared for your own home remodel!

Storing Personal Belongings

It is important to ensure all of your personal belongings are out of the way when the remodel begins. The more you’re able to move out of the way, the quicker the process can begin! If you need storage options, we recommend investing in a portable storage locker. Storage lockers ensure you can store your belongings safely, and access them easily once you need them again. Quick tip – If you can, switch out your door handle for a cheap door handle! With all the heavy equipment coming in and out of your home, you won’t want to risk your door handle getting dinged!

Foot Traffic

With a remodel, there are many people coming in and out of your house throughout the day. We recommend meeting with your production manager to discuss a schedule and high times for foot traffic. This way, you are prepared for when and how many people will be entering your home!


The most difficult part of a home remodel is having to live in your home while the remodel is occuring. If you are going to remodel multiple rooms, you should consider phasing. Phasing breaks up the process one room, or one home section at a time, so that you can continue to use your home during the remodel. This may lengthen the process; however you won’t be forced into a hotel, or a rental situation for the duration!

If you follow these steps, and prepare in advance, your home remodel shouldn’t be a hassle! For help with your home, contact us at Cedar Mill Group today so we can help you get started on creating your dream home!


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