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4 Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is where you prepare for your day, and where you unwind from it too. If you’ve decided to remodel, there’s a lot to consider in order to make it the perfect place for not only you to get ready, but your family as well. How do you renovate a small space that has to accommodate so many people? How do you ensure that you all feel your best using that space? Here’s a few tips we’ve compiled to help you as you move forward in your bathroom renovation.

1. Invest in sturdy fixtures

You want your bathroom to withstand years and years of use, various family members, and all the wear-and-tear that a bathroom typically experiences. Not only will it be serving many different purposes, but it will also have to withstand the large amounts of water and cleaning chemicals that can potentially do damage over time. Prevent having to fix future headaches like these by investing in sturdy new countertops, shower doors, toilets- whatever you’re in the market for, account for them in your budget accordingly so that you can get the great quality you and your family deserve!

2. Good lighting

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it makes more of a difference than you can imagine. If you find yourself straining each day in the early morning trying to get ready, it may be time to get some better lighting. Try replacing your overhead lights with lights somewhere they’ll be more useful to you, such as right above or even behind your mirror. When you go from being lit overhead- which casts shadows down your face- to being lit straight on, you’ll see a huge difference as you get ready! In addition, good lighting also applies to nightlights, so that your family can safely navigate their way around in the dark.

3. Plenty of shelving

It’s easy to give into the temptation of storing all your bathroom tech and toiletries in the cabinet under the sink, but when you need something from under there, you’ll have to navigate a huge mess. There’s very few situations in which adding more shelving is a bad thing during a home renovation! Utilize whatever space you can for storage, and get precise with it: give each kid a bin for their things, invest in above-the-toilet shelving, or add a niche in the wall of your shower. When you’re organized, your bathroom stays neater longer, and your family can get in and out more quickly since they know where all their belongings are!

4. Add a pop of color

If your end goal is a monochromatic bathroom for that sleek and clean look, you don’t have to sacrifice a little bit of fun! It’s easier than you think to add some color to your bathroom: fun decorative towels, a colorful bath mat, or curtains with a unique print all add flair without creating an unreasonable amount of work. Or, if you don’t mind a little additional maintenance, add a plant! Certain house plants thrive in humid locations like a bathroom. If you want some greenery, there’s plenty of lists online you can browse for good bathroom plants- just make sure whatever you get is safe for kids and pets if they have access. All these examples are very easy to switch out with the seasons or when you’re just in the mood for a change, so stepping in to get ready for the day can continue to be a new experience!

Any renovation is a stressful, daunting process. Your bathroom may even be a little moreso, as you want it done as quickly and cleanly as possible so that your family can get back to their normal routines. Hopefully, going into your project with these few tips in mind will make the process a little easier and bring you closer to having your dream bathroom! For further home renovation tips and inspiration, check out our portfolio or blog, or contact us with any questions- we are happy to help you through your project however we can!


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