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3 Necessities Before Pricing a Remodel

We know it’s critical to get an accurate price for your home remodel. You want to be sure you know how much you’ll be paying before you commit to the process. To get you the most accurate price possible, here are three things that we require before we can give you a price.

1. Develop a Design

At the start of a remodel, we ask our customers for a general remodel design. This early design discussion gives you the opportunity to express your needs and wants to your project manager, and figure out what’s possible for your home. This will give our project manager a general idea of cost ranges for your project.

2. Selections

After talking through broader design ideas, you can actually start to make your specific design selections. If you’re remodeling a bathroom for example, you can choose a toilet ranging from $200 to $5,000 options. There are a lot of exciting options to choose from, and making these specific decisions will give our team a much better idea of how expensive your remodel will be.

3. The Scope of the Project

Finally, your project manager will define the scope of the project. How much will they need to replace? Do they need to fix piping or work around support beams? These factors will narrow down your remodeling price to a more specific number, because once our team knows how intricate your remodel will be, they’ll be able to better assess how complex the process will be.

Remodeling your home can be an exciting, but stressful process. But at Cedar Mill Group we want to provide you with an efficient and stress free remodel. Most importantly, we don’t want to blindside you with an inaccurate price! We take the time to develop an accurate price, so we can ensure you know exactly what to expect. If you need help with your remodel contact us at Cedar Mill Group so we can help you realize your dream home!


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